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Richard DeCarlo

Dr. Richard DeCarlo is a licensed chiropractor in Vinings, with decades of professional experience and a colleague of Dr. Garber. He has written this guest blog at Dr. Garber’s request to share some of his insight into hip stretches.

The gluteals, hip flexors, and TFL musculature are all members of different critical muscle groups, including the posterior chain. These muscle groups are essential for movement and basic function. They are also prone to becoming tight from extended periods of sitting or bad posture, which are common problems among working Americans.

This hip stretch series will help to stretch the lower back and hips, which in turn will affect the body as a whole. Tight hip muscles can result in a range of undesirable chronic conditions, including sciatica and disc degeneration. The goal of this video is to demonstrate a series of stretches that will reinforce the adjustments made during a chiropractic visit, and will help you be proactive about your spinal health.
In this video, we will provide a demonstration for each hip stretch, as well as additional details on the muscles targeted by the stretches. We also provide techniques for increasing or decreasing the intensity of the stretch to match your flexibility and comfort level.

Hip Stretches Time Signatures

00:00 Introduction

00:23 Seated Galet Stretch

00:38 TFL and IT Band Stretch

1:00 Glutes and Piriformis Stretch

1:22 Hip Flexors Stretch Series

1:32 Basic Hip Flexors Stretch

1:41 Aggressive Hip Flexor Stretch

1:56 Advanced Hip Flexor Stretch