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In this video, Dr. Steven Garber, a Cartersville GA chiropractor with 35 years of experience explains the importance of doing lower back exercises for an acute or sudden attack of lower back pain, while the lower back pain is healing and for prevention after the back pain subsides. In 35 years of active practice, Dr. Steven Garber has successfully helped thousands of patients with lower back pain by utilizing a combination of Chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitative exercise. Dr. Steven Garber is also an adjunct faculty member at Life University in Marietta Georgia, the largest Chiropractic school in the world where he helps train the future Chiropractors of tomorrow. This video will give clear and concise instructions and demonstrations for 6 effective lower back exercises that anyone can utilize at home to assist with their lower back pain. A printed copy of the exercises is available at www.cartersvillechiro.com  under the section “Exercise and Nutrition”.

In this video Cartersville Chiropractor Dr. Steven Garber with 35 years of active practice experience shares information about hip joint pain as well as 5 essential exercises to help restore hip joint function and mobility and decrease hip joint pain and stiffness. Dr. Garber has helped numerous patients through the years with hip joint pain, stiffness and loss of mobility. These exercises can be effective in patients with mild to moderate degenerative arthritis of the hip joint or just general soft tissue stiffness and restriction of the hip joint. Besides being in active Chiropractic practice for 35 years Dr. Garber is also an adjunct faculty member of Life University the largest Chiropractic University in the United States where he assists in the training of the Chiropractors of tomorrow.  Dr. Garber has hip mobilization techniques that he uses on his patients that he has refined over the past 35 years and finds very useful in assisting patients with hip joint pain.

In this video Dr. Steven Garber a Cartersville Georgia Chiropractor explains the four major types of headaches, tension headaches, sinus headaches, migraine headaches and cluster headaches and suggests Chiropractic care as an alternative to the standard medical treatment of over the counter headache remedies and high power prescription medications. Dr. Garber explains the importance of getting a series of chiropractic adjustments to help restore alignment and balance to the spine and reduce pressure and tension on the related muscles and nerves to relieve the pain associated with these various types of headaches.

Dr. Steven Garber a Cartersville GA Chiropractor with 35 years of practice experience explains what a subluxation is and how it affects the body causing pain weakness headaches back aches neck pain and a general lack of well being. Dr. Garber also assists in the training of the future Chiropractors of tomorrow as an adjunct faculty member of life University, the largest Chiropractic University in the USA. Dr. Garber practices a broad array of different Chiropractic techniques ranging from traditional Chiropractic manipulation to very light force and gentle adjustments. He also practices and teaches “Cox Technique” a widely accepted Chiropractic method for helping to heal disc injuries of the back and neck without surgery.

This video by Cartersville Chiropractor, Dr. Steven Garber explains what spinal stenosis is and how it can be helped through spinal decompression and Chiropractic adjustments. This video would be helpful for those patients suffering from advanced degenerative arthritis of the lower back or neck that has also led to disabling back and neck pain and pain and / or weakness in the arms or legs. The treatment is done with the Cox 8 spinal decompression manipulation table.

This video for Cartersville GA and Bartow county residents explains what sciatica or sciatic leg pain is. It explains the most common source or cause of sciatica being a herniated, ruptured or bulging disc. It shows where the sciatic nerve starts and ends and explains treatment options for those Cartersville GA residents that are suffering from sciatica. Treatment may include Cox Flexion Distraction Decompression Manipulation Adjustments or traditional spinal adjustments / manipulations. It also explains the importance of a proper spinal, orthopedic / neurologic and chiropractic examination to determine the nature of the patients condition.

Dr. Richard DeCarlo is a licensed chiropractor in Vinings, with decades of professional experience and a colleague of Dr. Garber. He has written this guest blog at Dr. Garber’s request to share some of his insight into hip stretches.

The gluteals, hip flexors, and TFL musculature are all members of different critical muscle groups, including the posterior chain. These muscle groups are essential for movement and basic function. They are also prone to becoming tight from extended periods of sitting or bad posture, which are common problems among working Americans.

This hip stretch series will help to stretch the lower back and hips, which in turn will affect the body as a whole. Tight hip muscles can result in a range of undesirable chronic conditions, including sciatica and disc degeneration. The goal of this video is to demonstrate a series of stretches that will reinforce the adjustments made during a chiropractic visit, and will help you be proactive about your spinal health.
In this video, we will provide a demonstration for each hip stretch, as well as additional details on the muscles targeted by the stretches. We also provide techniques for increasing or decreasing the intensity of the stretch to match your flexibility and comfort level.

Hip Stretches Time Signatures

00:00 Introduction

00:23 Seated Galet Stretch

00:38 TFL and IT Band Stretch

1:00 Glutes and Piriformis Stretch

1:22 Hip Flexors Stretch Series

1:32 Basic Hip Flexors Stretch

1:41 Aggressive Hip Flexor Stretch

1:56 Advanced Hip Flexor Stretch