Dr. Steven Garber
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In this video Cartersville Chiropractor Dr. Steven Garber with 35 years of active practice experience shares information about hip joint pain as well as 5 essential exercises to help restore hip joint function and mobility and decrease hip joint pain and stiffness. Dr. Garber has helped numerous patients through the years with hip joint pain, stiffness and loss of mobility. These exercises can be effective in patients with mild to moderate degenerative arthritis of the hip joint or just general soft tissue stiffness and restriction of the hip joint. Besides being in active Chiropractic practice for 35 years Dr. Garber is also an adjunct faculty member of Life University the largest Chiropractic University in the United States where he assists in the training of the Chiropractors of tomorrow.  Dr. Garber has hip mobilization techniques that he uses on his patients that he has refined over the past 35 years and finds very useful in assisting patients with hip joint pain.