Dr. Steven Garber
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Watch this short video to learn why you want Dr. Steve Garber as your Chiropractor!

The Garber Chiropractic Center is focused on total patient wellness. Our main goal is to help our patients feel and live their best. Dr. Garber and his team are dedicated and focused to helping individuals overcome pain and heal from injury. In addition Dr. Garber would like to help the same patients improve their lives with healthiness, for a total wellness of patient.


Dr. Steven Garber

Dr. Stephen Garber and his team at the Garber chiropractic Center offer chiropractic therapy and wellness care to help patients achieve better health naturally. Dr. Garber is an experienced chiropractor and teacher. His expertise and skills are offered to those in need of assistance and achieving healthier balance in their lives through positive change in lifestyle.

The Garber Chiropractic Center is quality care for you and your entire family. We provide the most modern therapy with the latest equipment to serve and care for your family. Our caring concern for your family is the same with which we treat our own.

Call us today at 770-386-7707 or complete our contact form and one of our team members will respond to you via email and set up a no obligation consultation. Please contact us, we listen, we understand and we care.

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