Dr. Steven Garber
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In this video Dr. Steven Garber a Cartersville Georgia chiropractor demonstrates a chiropractic adjustment to a 2 month old infant. The child is adjusted with a gentle procedure using an “arthro-stim” instrument. The child, according to the mother is in good health except for a bit of a stuffy nose. The mother of the child was recommended to the office of Dr. Steven Garber to have the child checked for general maintenance purposes and to see if gentle chiropractic care might help the child stay healthy.  Dr. Garber has been effectively helping children stay healthy with gentle chiropractic care for over 35 years. Besides being a practicing Chiropractor, Dr. Garber is an adjunct faculty member of Life University, which has as part of its curriculum the largest Chiropractic College in the United States where Dr. Garber assists in the training of the Chiropractors of tomorrow.