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Privacy Statment

The Garber Chiropractic Center operates this Website with regard to providing an outstanding online experience while providing a safe and private environment for visitors to make use of this Site for information purposes. The following Privacy Statment applies to the Garber Chiropractic centers Website with regard to usage and data collection. Users of this webSite do hereby consent to the Statment of Privacy as follows.

The Garber Chiropractic Center collects personal information such as name, email address, and other personal information in fields requesting said information to personalize the use of experience of this Site and also to provide user with personalize content and or personalized account with which to post and repost comments. Computer data such as IP address and other server related informational requests, with regard to demographics and analytical information. May be obtained from the users requesting computer and its browser. This information and “cookies” are obtained to personalize and improve the user’s experience, and also to inform Garber Chiropractic Center of information request patterns that can be used to improve the Site as a whole with regards to pertinent content and user experience.

The Garber Chiropractic Center maintains security from unauthorized access through this Website to protect any and all data collected from users. At this time no credit card information or money transfer requests are permitted or available through this Website. Should there be a change or offering in the future, appropriate secure socket layer (SSL) protocol will be routine.

The Garber Chiropractic Center does not divulge personal information to third party entities for commercial use such as marketing practices and/or other advertising firms, Websites or entities.

The Garber Chiropractic Center will cooperate with all law enforcement agencies in the United States. Should legitimate legal request be made by said law enforcement agencies Garber Chiropractic Center will divulge, without notice, any and all information requested as to comply with legal processes served on Garber Chiropractic Center or the Site.

With regard to bulletin boards: 1. Garber Chiropractic Center warns all users against posting personal information in public areas of this Site or any other. User does so at their own risk. 2. Garber Chiropractic Center is not responsible for links published in bulletin boards redirecting users to third-party webSites. These Sites are not controlled or necessarily endorsed by Garber Chiropractic Center. 3. Garber Chiropractic Center monitors and maintains the right to unpublished any post that anytime. Garber Chiropractic Center maintains Site publications within its own discretion and is not responsible for content posted by users. 4. Garber Chiropractic Center reminds all users that this Site is for information purposes only, and bulletin board use is done solely at the user’s own risk.

The Garber Chiropractic Center may update this Statment of Privacy with regard to evolving Website technologies to improve user experience. We ask that you please review this Statment periodically so that you may be aware of any changes that may affect you as a user of the Site.