Dr. Steven Garber
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In this video Dr. Steven Garber, a Cartersville Georgia Chiropractor discusses what to look for when choosing the appropriate pillow for you. He discusses three important factors: comfort, support and maintenance of the proper cervical curve or lordosis. He demonstrates the wrong way to sleep and the effects of a pillow that is too big or wide or to thin or small. He shows the advantages of the Soft-tex “Pillowise” pillow and demonstrates how they can be specifically measured for your shape, size and body. Dr. Garber has been effectively treating patients for a wide array of different neck and back problems for over 35 years and had helped many patients choose the right pillow for them. Besides being a practicing Chiropractor, Dr. Garber is an adjunct faculty member of Life University, which has as part of its curriculum the largest Chiropractic College in the United States where Dr. Garber assists in the training of the Chiropractors of tomorrow.