Dr. Steven Garber
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In this video, Dr. Steven Garber, a Cartersville GA chiropractor with 35 years of experience with the assistance of an exercise professional demonstrates how to perform neck strengthening exercises that can be done in your office or at home. These exercises would be effective in helping to reduce neck weakness and pain that can occur as a result of injuries such as car accidents or minor strains that can occur from sitting for too long in front of a computer or other electronic device. In 35 years of active practice, Dr. Steven Garber has successfully helped thousands of patients with neck and back pain and stiffness by utilizing a combination of Chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitative exercise. Dr. Steven Garber is also an adjunct faculty member at Life University in Marietta Georgia, the largest Chiropractic school in the world where he helps train the future Chiropractors of tomorrow.